One of our best-sellers, Deluxe Pink Cream Wax is perfect for the most stubborn hair. Enriched with soothing emollients to soften hair for easier hair removal for facial and body waxing.


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▪ Especially good for multicultural hair types or other thick, coarse, and curly hair.
▪ Best suited for dry to normal skin types. Excellent for mature skin.
▪ Use with our non-woven or muslin epilating strips for complete hair removal.
▪ Italian-made and Dermatologist Tested.

How to

Remove plastic lid, slide protective collar onto can and place can in warmer. Heat wax until it has a thin, syrup-like consistency. To test, dip an applicator into wax, which should stick to applicator. If wax runs off applicator, it is too hot to use. After cleansing and drying the skin, use a disposable wooden applicator to apply a thin layer of wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Apply epilating strip over wax and stroke cloth in direction of hair growth. Hold skin taut and pull epilating strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, keeping strip close to skin. Never re-apply
wax in the same area. After waxing is complete, apply Nourish Post-Treatment Oil to remove any residue and follow with Soothe After-Wax Lotion. USE CAUTION: RISK OF BURN IF WAX IS TOO HOT, ALWAYS TEST WAX BEFORE APPLYING ON SKIN. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.



  1. candice

    The best wax I have ever used!

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