Roll-On soft wax is ideal for quickly waxing large body areas and is easy to use. Formulated with soothing emollients, this wax softens hair for easy removal. Use when you need a hygienic, quick and comfortable waxing method.


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▪ Use on normal to dry skin types, and mature skin with thick, coarse hair.
▪ Large applicator ideal for legs, arms, back, and chest areas.
▪ Use with epilating strips.
▪ Italian-made and Dermatologist Tested.
▪ Disposable cartridges ensure sanitary application for each client.

How to

Place roll-on cartridge into a Roll-On warmer unit and remove paper tab covering the roller. Allow to heat for 30 minutes. To test wax, roll warm cartridge on body wax strip, wax should roll smoothly on cloth. Cleanse and dry area, and roll wax onto skin, apply epilating strip, stroke cloth in direction of hair growth. To remove, hold skin taut and pull strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, keeping strip close to skin. Never re-apply wax in the same area. After area has been completely waxed, apply Nourish Post-Treatment Oil to remove any wax residue and soothe skin with Soothe After-Wax Lotion. USE CAUTION: RISK OF BURN IF WAX IS TOO HOT. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY



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