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  • Roll-On Waxing Kit

    If you're a speed waxer who loves the convenience and ease of roll-on waxing, this offer is perfect for you. BUY NOW

    You'll receive:

    - 12 Roll-On Cartridges of your choice
    - CLEANSE Organic Micellar Water, 6.8 oz (Pre-Wax Cleanser)
    - SOOTHE Post Wax Lotion, 6.8 oz
    - Double Roll-On Cartridge Warmer

    $109.99 (Reg $152)

    BUY NOW 
  • Starter Kit

    A full assortment of NaturaverdePro products for the all-in waxer.


    You'll receive:

    - 6 Roll-On Cartridges of your choice
    - Double Roll-On Cartridge Warmer
    - 1 each Pre & Post Wax product, 6.8 oz (Cleanse, Nourish, Soothe)
    - Double Can Warmer
    - Choice of one can of wax AND one bag of hard wax beads
    - 2 packs applicator sticks
    - 2 packs non-woven waxing strips

    $285 (Reg $360)

    BUY NOW 
  • Wax Cans, Buy 3 Get One Free

    Your choice of soft or hard wax cans, Buy 3, get one free!

    - Honey with Vitamin E Soft
    - Deluxe Pink Cream Soft
    - Sensitive Zinc Oxide Soft
    - Lavender with Camellia Soft
    - Blue Flex Hard
    - Gold Flex Hard
    - Karite Flex Hard

    $48.75 (Reg $65)