How To Use Our Waxes

  • How to Use NaturaverdePro Soft Wax

    This video features our Deluxe Pink Cream Soft Wax to illustrate how to apply any of our soft waxes. Smooth and creamy, non-sticky and thin application provide excellent hair removal results, more client comfort and less wax usage for you.

    How To for Soft Waxes 
  • How to Use NaturaverdePro Hard Wax

    NaturaverdePro Hard Flex Waxes apply thinner than most other hard waxes with unmatched pliability and flexibilty to ensure the most thorough hair removal.

    How To For Hard Waxes 
  • How to Use the NaturaverdePro Roll-On Waxing System

    Roll-on Waxing offers you speed and efficiency for waxing large areas of the body. Learn how to speed up your services with this unique system.

    How To - Roll On Waxing 
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